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New Treatments for Shoulder Pain - El Camino Innovates
featuring Nicholas Colyvas, MD and Nathaniel Cohen, MD
25 percent of Americans will experience some level of pain in the shoulder in their lifetime. The good news for those among us who may end up with severe or debilitating pain, such as rotator cuff injuries or other serious shoulder injuries, is that the range of options available for diagnosis and treatment is increasing. An example is minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, which can fix certain types of shoulder problems with less stress for the patient. Drs. Nicholas Colyvas and Nathaniel Cohen discuss how these advances in diagnosing and treating pain in the shoulder are introducing new possibilities for patients. Topics covered in this shoulder pain innovations video include: innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder pain; recent advances in shoulder surgery; the importance of minimally invasive, bone-sparing procedures; and finding the best surgeons and hospital programs.