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Our board certficied physicans look forward to working with you
to resolve your condition and return you to an active lifestyle!

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We are pleased to announce Mikel Davenport, acupuncturist, starting on April 1st and Dr. David Smolins joining our practice starting March 1st!

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When visiting our office, please bring any past medical records (i.e. MRIs, x-rays, operative reports, etc.), to help assist in the best possible outcome of your care.


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide highest quality and attentive specialist care for our patients.

When Visiting Our Practice

We provide the highest level of compassionate care, while combining diagnosic imaging and appropriate treatment, to implement the best possible outcome including surgical treatment.


Our knowledgable staff and physicians will work with you on all aspects of your care. Our team will help in every manner, from insurance questions to surgical repair.

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery


- Rotator Cuff injuries


- Pinched nerve/sciatica


- Impingement


- Meniscus injuries


- Radiofrequency ablation


- Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome


- Shoulder Instability


- Disc Displacement/Disc Herniation


- Pain Management